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Frequently Asked Questions

Your dentist will determine how regularly you need to visit us based on your own personal needs. Often, you may feel like you have no issues therefore you do not feel the need to attend dental appointments, especially if you have no pain. Remember, prevention rather than cure; it is easier and cheaper to prevent problems occurring than to cure ones that have already taken hold. It is essential to keep up with regular visits to maintain a clean and healthy mouth and to prevent any problems developing. At Lion House, our practice policy states you must attend for an exam appointment in a two year period or you will lose your NHS space at this practice.

Whilst we aim to ensure continuity, you are not ‘registered’ with any particular dentist. At times, it may not be possible for you to see your regular dentist, however all of our dentists are fully qualified and experienced practitioners and you may be offered appointments with them.

When you attend the dental surgery, you may be asked by our reception team to complete a medical history. This is to ensure your dentist has an up to date record of any medical issues you may have.

The dentist will then ask you about your general health and determine if you are experiencing any issues with your dental health.

They will then conduct a thorough examination of your entire mouth, checking your teeth, gums and soft tissues. X-rays may be taken to check for cavities and other issues with your teeth and jaw.

You may be asked to return for further treatment. Your dentist will explain the cost and details of the recommended treatment.

It is important that children see a dentist from an early age to familiarise them with the surroundings. We recommend bringing them as soon as their first tooth appears.  Children’s teeth are much softer than adult teeth, therefore problems can develop much faster.

It can be daunting for children if they are not used to the environment so lots of praise and encouragement is advised to help make their dental visits enjoyable!

Many patients require dental X-Rays.  The frequency depends on each individual patient and their circumstances.  Some patients require X-Rays every six months, others who have excellent oral hygiene and visit the dentist regularly will only need them every year to two.  This will be discussed with you at your appointments.

Definitely! Excellent oral hygiene is key to maintaining a healthy mouth. Your toothbrush will do a great job of cleaning the fronts and backs of your teeth but can't reach the areas in between. There are various interdental cleaning aids on the market such as floss, interdental brushes or Waterpiks.

The correct interdental cleaning aid for you, to clean inbetween your teeth, varies on the size of your gaps. Should you require advice, please ask your dentist or hygiene therapist.

    "Very professional from start to finish, well done Lion House"

    "Phoned for an emergency appointment even though I wasn't registered with them, I was seen on the same day and my pain hasn't been back since. Really impressed - thanks!"

    "I have found the sleepwell appliance exceptionally good. It has stopped my snoring ( to my husbands great relief) and although slightly uncomfortable to start with, i soon got used to it. Thank you for actually providing something that actually works!"

    "Made me feel at ease as soon as I walked in the door, friendly, amazing staff!!!"

    "I travel from Newcastle for my dental appointments and definitely won't go anywhere else."

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